Play Area

The equipment and materials in the playroom cover six main play areas.

1   Home corner:- Kitchen, dolls, restaurant, doctors surgery, shop,   hairdressing, dress up, police, fire fighters, music etc.

2   Construction:- Stickle bricks, duplo, Lego, mobilo, constructo straws  k-nex, cars, transformers etc.

3   Messy area:- painting, playdo, drawing, cutting, craft, sand,

4    Book area:- library of books

5    Quiet work area:- colouring, jigsaws, threading, pegs, pairing, matching, group games, board games.

6   Small world – quiet individual play ( farm, doll’s house,)

The outside play area is fenced in and is used for physical activities. The area is in use principally from spring to summer weather permitting. The outdoor activities include group games, ball skills, movement skills, obstacle course, gardening in the spring sowing plants and vegetables. .